Welcome to the new site of Rocco Prestia!


The last couple of years had brought a lot of challenges to Rocco and with the help of family, friends and fans, he was given a renewed life.

    We thought it was time to give a new life to the site too. There will be posts by Rocco. While you’re here, be sure to join the mailing list to get news and be the first at merchandise and promos that will be offered from time to time.

You have one life and it belongs to you: Live it~



8 Responses to “Welcome to the new site of Rocco Prestia!”

  1. Steve Whittick on

    Hoping you are feeling a lot better Rocco and looking forwards to seeing you back on stage.
    Keep the faith my man!

  2. Jim Brown on

    Comment Rocco…….visited with you briefly the last time you were in Kansas City, read that you had your medical procedures done and were doing well. I regularly check the band web site for any news, but have not heard much. Hope you are doing well and on your way to returning full time. Good luck and take care

  3. Luke in CBus on

    It was a privilege and pleasure to hear TOP play at Columbus this past Sunday. The band is tight as ever. Thank you for being the glue of the band. I put a link to the site that sells the shirt I showed you.

    Come back to Columbus soon, hopefully when it’s a bit cooler. We’d love to hear you play!

    God bless.

  4. Alan Fenn on

    Rocco – Don’t know if you’ll ever see this but those of you that do, remember this. Rocco called “it” a piece of wood and some strings, I play it the way I play it.(so is a piano – thats where I found Myself/AKA badass piano player – nothing more, nothing less.Never quit , Never give up. PRACTICE,PRACTICE,PRACTICE!!! _____someone who knows. ROCK ON

  5. Steven Stortey on

    Hello Rocco,
    Im 66 now been playing bass for over 50 years.
    We do have some things in common. I have about 12 bass guitars ( 4 of them Fenders ). The other thing is Kidney disease. Full stage 5 July of 2016. I am now on Dialysis sence then. Gone through all of the tests and they tell me I am “on the list”. Can you tyell me how long it was for you and did you have a doner friend or “from ther list”. I am a big fan aand wish you the best..

  6. Bradley Broussard (That Crazy Tattoo Guy) on

    Well you’re finally back where you belong guy…Now just stay well cause when you’re out we miss the hell out of ya!!!


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